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A free & efficient way to check a tenant's background.

Efficiency is a free tool for landlords that helps automate time-consuming tasks associated with tenant screening.

Automate Tenant Screening

Receive background information (credit, criminal, & eviction history) on your rental property applicants within minutes!

Fill Vacancies Sooner

Efficiency allows you to screen and approve applicants quickly which reduces vacancy periods.

Store Documents Securely

Important tenant documents, such as photo IDs and paystubs, are uploaded and stored securely in efficiency.

Free For Landlords

Efficiency is always free for landlords, so, why wait? Sign up today, and experience the benefits.

Receive detailed tenant backgroud

checks within minutes!


Credit Report

Get credit results in a matter of minutes without impacting the the applicant's credit score. Reports are available 24/7 from any device.

Criminal Report

Millions of criminal records are searched so you can make an informed decision on an applicant.

Eviction Report

We utilize one of the largest evictions databases with 27 million eviction records.

Four reasons you should
sign up for efficiency today!

Pay Nothing

Efficiency is completely free for independent landlords and property managers.  Sign up now.  No credit card needed.

Maximize Efficiency

As the name suggests, efficiency is all about helping landlords and property managers work more efficiently.

Save Time

With efficiency’s built-in automation, you’ll be doing less tasks manually.  What will you do with all your free time?

Save Money

Efficiency helps you fill vacancies sooner by automating the tenant screening process.  That’s more money in your pocket.

Getting started is quick & easy.

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